What Is A1C In Diabetes

What Is A1C In DiabetesDiabetes is the ailment of battling against the blood sugar levels of the body. People living with diabetes do everything to keep their blood sugar levels balanced. To check if the levels are within normal range, diabetics normally undergo A1C test, the process tells you the average focus of blood glucose over the normal life of hemoglobin in the body. Normal existence for this can be calculated as four months.

It is important to undergo a thorough cardiac blood profile evaluation if you have doubts of having diabetes. This profile check usually consists of two different tests- hemoglobin A1C and a fasting sugar tolerance test. Even if these two evaluation are based on calculating glucose in the blood but fasting glucose tolerance test emphasizes on the present glucoses levels whereas A1C reflects the average sugar levels over four months.

Results can be reviewed by your physician and yourself as well once the evaluation is completed. The test, in general, will calculate blood glucose levels between 70 ml/d and 110 ml/d. Its essential to have a lower red blood cells A1C (<7 percent).
If you are one among those living with diabetes, make sure you keep monitoring your overall health, follow a healthful diet plan and carry out physical activities on daily basis. There may be many reasons behind lower blood glucose levels like medicines, physical exercises, diets, self-control, continuous checks and stress levels. However the most important thing is to remember that your A1C should be an average in last three months. No matter, wherever you be and whatever you do, you have to keep your A1C between 6.5% – 7% most of the time.

You can also check your levels with the comfort of your own home. You should check the levels after two hours of each meal you consumed. Besides, it also may be a great idea to check them every day when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed in night. Doing this may cost you more than normal but it will always be in your favor to be in checked with your levels.

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