Type 2 Diabetic Food and Meals for Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetic Food and Meals for Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetic Food and Meals for Diabetes

Diabetic Food

If you have diabetic type 2, it is very important that you take your food diet seriously because your proper diabetic meals diet will determine you live a healthy life. Lets see what is the best diabetic food plan for type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes type 2 is related to our lifestyle. People who are obesity, with poor eating habit and lack of exercise will eventually get diabetic. When a nutritionist or a doctor prepares a diabetes type 2 meal plan, he will include about 10% from protein, 30% from fats, about 50% from carbohydrates and the remaining 10% from saturated fats. But in normal cases, a doctor will advise his patient that the best diabetic food is always foods with high fiber. If possible avoid fats once and for all.

Remedies for type 2 diabetes

There are great ways for you to keep your diabetes type 2 under control. This is my personal tips for you. Beet root is number 1, Indian goose berry or amla is number 2 and the 3rd one is guava. Eat these three 3 regularly so that you will never have to worry about your blood sugar levels.

Role of Carbohydrates in type 2 diabetic meal plan

You need carbohydrates in your daily meals but you must follow the suggested amount and never exceed the limit. Your doctor will tell you exactly the sufficient amount of carbs for you to take. You can find carbs in rice, pasta, cereals, yogurt, fruits, milk, whole grains, vegetables beans and nuts. When you talk about protein, you can only take lean white meat and plant protein. In your daily meals never take potatoes because it contains too much carbs.

It is important that you follow your diabetic food plan religiously for your own good. When you practice a healthy diet, maintain an ideal body weight and exercise regularly, you can enjoy your life just like anyone else.

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