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Type 1 DiabetesDiabetes is a condition where blood glucose levels of the human body get to higher side and usually stay misbalanced unless treated. The ailment can be categorized in three types, type I, type II, and type III. Since the disease is one of the serious diseases where patients often experience many complications and can even die as being at the worst condition of diabetes, it is essential to keep checking the sugar levels to avoid any danger or harm to life.

‘Juvenile diabetes is another name of diabetes type I which can be commonly seen in children. However adults and old people can also have this type. This is an auto-immune ailment where body cells work against itself. The condition permanently destroys the beta cells in the pancreas. The results often come up as the body with no more insulin production. People with diabetes type I live a shorter life than the population diagnosed with the two other types.

Latest research also reveals that difference between the type 1 diabetes life span and other people has been dropped in last few decades. People with type I now tend to make all efforts to cope with their ailment and the care and better treatment can be the factors behind the difference being fallen down. However, the wide gap still persists there as the study of Scottish data shows that people with diabetes type I lived shorter life than the general population. According to the statistics, there was a gap of 10 years for male and 14 years for female diabetics type I.

The studies are also of the view that there is a drastic difference between lifespan of a woman with diabetes type I and a man with the same type. The mystery why a woman receives a worse impact on her lifespan being as a diabetic type I, is still unsolved and the health experts are unable to explain the reasons behind.

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