Treating Dog Diabetes Naturally

Treating Dog Diabetes NaturallyThe vast majority of Diabetes cases in dogs occurs between the ages of 7 to 9 years old and is rare ( but not unheard of ) in younger animals. Research shows that females are more likely to be diagnosed with canine diabetes which is caused by reproductive hormones. Diabetes in dogs is growing rapidly with 1 in 10 dogs now having the illness and is increasing at a near parallel rate as it is in humans. The leading cause of diabetes is the dog’s diet – and commercially produced, low quality dog food is the primary cause of dog diabetes. The additives and empty carbs found in commercial dog food are also causing spikes in auto immune disease and cancer rates. Throughout the years, Ive noted an increase in better diets on the market.

The most common sign that your dog may be suffering from canine diabetes is a dramatic increase in water consumption – almost in unquenchable thirst – which naturally leads to increased urination. A lack of energy and changes in body weight can also be indicators of something is wrong with your animals insulin system.

Once your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes, most cases require the use of insulin administered via a syringe which will control the animals glucose levels. Your local vet will prescribe for you the right amount of insulin to administer and you likely will have to purchase a blood test / glucose monitoring kit.

That is not to say that it is impossible to not treat a diabetic dog without the use of insulin. What you should be aiming for is to reduce the amount of insulin required through careful regulation of your dogs diet as well as ample exercise. Moving your dog to a grain free – low carb diet is an essential step to keeping your pet’s blood sugar levels stable.

Other helpful natural remedies include

Using filtered / distilled or bottled water with no chlorine in it.
Treating them with Bovine Colostrum ( such as Wholistic Pet Colostrum ) which is helpful in regulating blood sugar.

Administer Canine Intestinal Support Vitamins( SportDog Canine Digestive Enzymes )

In is very important that you still follow your vet’s prescribed treatment plan and only use natural or homeopathic treatments as a secondary treatment. If the natural treatment is effective in stabilizing your pet’s blood sugar and diabetes symptoms, the results will show up in the blood and urine tests your veterinarian will perform and the use of insulin will be lowered accordingly.

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