Three Pointers for an Effective Diabetic Diet

Three Pointers for an Effective Diabetic Diet

Three Pointers for an Effective Diabetic Diet

The Diabetic Diet is essential in keeping a person with diabetes healthy. It is the best tool in regulating the amount of glucose in the blood. A diabetic person can completely eliminate the need to take medicine if he were to eat healthy and have enough exercise. Losing weight is a great plus for people with diabetes because the more excess weight you have the more severe the possible complications become.

Pointer 1: What you eat

The composition of the food you consume is the primary consideration of a Diabetic Diet. An individual suffering from diabetes should be fully aware of the state of his illness as well as his general health. He should avoid fatty and sugary foods. He should instead focus on starchy foods that help increase his body’s ability to utilize insulin. Each meal of the day should maintain a stable blood sugar level. There should be no sudden rises or drops in the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. It can also be a great help if the meal plan consists of foods that the diabetic enjoys eating. This will make it easier for him to adapt and get used to the new diet.

Pointer 2: When you eat

Meals should be taken at regular intervals. This is to make sure that the blood glucose level remains stable. Eating too late or too early may cause sudden changes to the amount of sugar in the bloodstream and may lead to serious complications. A sudden increase in blood sugar may for example lead to heart attacks that can be fatal especially to overweight diabetics. The meal schedule should however not interfere with the individual’s day to day activities. It should not be a burden and be easy and convenient to follow. Eating at the same time each day will also help your body get used to the diet faster.

Pointer 3: How much you eat

The Diabetic Diet should be made up only of small meals. Eating too much per meal has high probability to result to a spike in the blood sugar level. Eating too much may also lead to weight gain which is very dangerous for a diabetic person. Unwanted fats increase the risks of heart attacks and vein and artery clogging. The dietician should aim for quality over quantity. The amount of nutrients contained in each serving should also be balanced.

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A diabetic should always be conscious of what he eats. It is the best way of protecting himself from the illness.

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