Symptoms Of Male Diabetes Mellitus

Symptoms Of Male Diabetes Mellitus

Symptoms Of Male Diabetes Mellitus

When it comes to symptoms of diabetes for men they do tend to be pretty much identical to those that are also seen in women; however, it is still extremely useful to look at how they can specifically affect men in order to identify if there is indeed a problem.

What follows are those main symptoms that you need to be aware of, but if you have any questions or are uncertain, then you are certainly advised to speak to your doctor as quickly as possible.

General diabetes symptoms found in men.

It is best to quickly run over the general signs of diabetes that affect both men and women as they are often the main ones people will identify with the condition and push them into contacting their doctor. That being said it does not automatically mean you are diabetic just because you may have some of the symptoms as there can be a wealth of other medical conditions that may also be causing them.

The main symptoms that people complain of with diabetes include being tired a lot more than usual, having to urinate more often, and almost constantly having a dry mouth and a need to drink or eat. People will also tend to find that they develop blurry vision and an increased tendency to pick up infections or difficulty in getting cuts to heal. All of this is tied in with the amount of glucose that is in your body and how it affects it and developing any of these symptoms really should lead to you going to see your doctor.

Other, but rarer, symptoms to be aware of include feeling nauseous on a regular basis and also a tingling sensation on your extremities with this being linked to issues with the circulation. The severity with which these symptoms are felt, and indeed any others mentioned above, will vary between people and there is no guarantee you will develop all of them at the same time.

Specific symptoms relating to men.

Whilst the various symptoms listed above are common no matter the sex there are some that tend to either be more apparent in men or only effect men. As like before there is no guarantee that having these symptoms will mean you actually have diabetes, but it will also be better if you have it checked out in order to prevent further health problems from developing in the future.

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One of the first symptoms in men is a general drop in strength and this is directly related to a loss of muscle mass throughout the body. It is important that this is not mixed up with a general lethargic feeling, which is of course another general symptom of diabetes. The problem occurs due to high blood sugar levels for an extended period of time, which then leads to the body using fat and muscle in order to generate some energy. This is more common in type 1 diabetes although some people with type 2 may develop it if they have not been diagnosed for quite some time.

Men who are diabetic may also suffer from erectile dysfunction and this is entirely due to the high blood sugar levels damaging the blood supply and circulation. High sugar levels may also damage the nerves in the penis making it less sensitive than it used to be.

Finally, men may also find that they develop severe itching either on or around the penis as well as the appearance of male genital thrush. This occurs due to the increased levels of glucose that is then passed through the urine and it is generally characterized by pain, redness on the penis, a white discharge and an unpleasant odor. This can also then become a recurring problem if left untreated and if this is the case, then it will be a good indication that diabetes may indeed be the problem.

So those are the key symptoms for men that you are advised to be aware of, but as was said at the outset if you have any questions, then do get an appointment with your doctor. A simple blood test is all that will be required for them to see if you are indeed diabetic and you can then take the correct course of treatment and lead a perfectly normal life with only a few subtle changes here and there being required.

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