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Spaghetti Squash PizzaThere are two foods that most people in the West take for granted as foods they can have anytime they want: pasta and pizza. As a diabetic, I can’t eat either of those foods without concern for what they will do to my blood sugar. And I have to say that I really miss them sometimes. So much so, in fact, that I occasionally still splurge and have one or the other, despite the fact that I always regret it.

Since I started the 30 Day Paleo Challenge these aren’t even a remote option for me, not even as a splurge. That doesn’t stop me from craving them, though. Fortunately, there is a little yellow plant called the spaghetti squash that has come to my rescue.

I absolutely love spaghetti squash. It tastes great, is very low calorie, is packed with the healthy veggie carbs that are good for us, and if you cook it long enough it has the texture of aldente pasta. I won’t lie to you. Eating spaghetti squash isn’t quite the same as noshing on a big plate of capellini or ravioli, but it is good enough that I can substitute it most of the time and not feel deprived.

I am only beginning to learn about how versatile ingredients like spaghetti squash can be. Fortunately, there are others out there who long ago discovered this tasty veg and have found some surprising ways to use it.Once again, I found a great recipe over at PaelOMG for Almost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie. As soon as I saw it I thought, just maybe, I had found a solution for those pasta/pizza cravings.

And for those of you who would rather get your pizza flavors from an actual pizza, I’ll be trying out some recipes for Paleo friendly versions in the near future and will let you know what works, and what doesn’t.

As usual, I substituted some of the ingredients in the original recipe with what I had on hand. I personally think the original version with italian sausage would taste even better than what I made, but since I didn’t have any on-hand and am doing a low-calorie version of Paleo, I substituted 93% lean ground turkey for the sausage. The great news about ground turkey is that it tastes almost like ground beef, can be easily seasoned, and is very healthy. You can eat tons of it for very few calories. You could also put any veggies that you normally like on a pizza in this. I only had onions, carrots, and mushrooms on-hand (I nee to make a mid-week shopping trip for produce), so that’s what I used.

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