Sample 7-Day Diabetic Diet Menu

Sample 7-Day Diabetic Diet Menu

Sample 7-Day Diabetic Diet Menu

The Diabetic Diet Menu is the best treatment an individual with Type 2 Diabetes can ever have. The food intake is what influences the blood sugar level of a diabetic the most. In fact, having a meal plan that is able to steadily supply the body with the proper amounts of nutrients is enough to keep a diabetic healthy. Eating the right foods coupled with enough exercise can completely eliminate the need for medication. Formulating a good meal plan however can be quite a task. This is because in order to achieve the best results, the meal plan should be for the entire week.

A seven-day Diabetic Diet Menu is not only more effective in terms of keeping the glucose levels in the bloodstream stable, it also helps the patient avoid saturation because he will be eating different foods each meal for each day of the week. This is far more satisfying to than eating the same meals each day. The 7-day meal plan however also takes significantly longer time to formulate than the 1-dayplans. Average persons are not capable of creating dishes that can provide them with their nutritional needs. This is why it is often best to hire the services of a dietician.

A dietician is the best assistant you can have in planning your 7-day Diabetic Menu. A dietician possesses the necessary skills and expertise to create dishes and food combinations tailor fit to your needs. given below is an example of a 7-day Diabetic Diet.

Day 1

Breakfast: Cereal, banana, and beverage

Lunch: Tomato and basil soup, coleslaw, low-GI bread, and beverage

Dinner: Penne with vegetables, and beverage

Day 2

Breakfast: Strawberry smoothie and bran muffin

Lunch: Sandwich on low-GI bread with ham or cheese, orange, and beverage

Dinner: Stir fry, brown rice, salad, and beverage

Day 3

Breakfast: Banana with yoghurt, scrambled egg on toast (low-GI), and beverage

Lunch: Low carbohydrate tortilla wrap, pear, and beverage

Dinner: Thai green chicken curry, salad, baked apple, and beverage

Day 4

Breakfast: Cereal, low-fat milk, peach, and beverage

Lunch: Crackers, Thai tuna salad, and beverage

Dinner: Beef stew, sweet potato mash, and beverage

Day 5

Breakfast: Poached egg, mushrooms, toast, grilled tomato, and beverage

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Lunch: Baked sweet potato, diabetic Caesar salad, and beverage

Dinner: Lamb chops with mint, boiled jacket potatoes with parsley, green beans, and beverage

Day 6

Breakfast: Apple and cinnamon muffin, orange Juice, and beverage

Lunch: Hamburger on low-GI bun, sweet potato fries, and beverage

Dinner: Beef casserole, salad, fruit salad, and beverage

Day 7

Breakfast: Banana yoghurt shake, Granola bar, and beverage

Lunch: Chicken salad with low-GI bread, apple, and beverage

Dinner: Grilled fish, peas, carrots and corn, spicy sweet potato wedges, diabetic cake, and beverage


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