Is There Really A Cure For Diabetes?

Is There Really A Cure For Diabetes?

Is There Really A Cure For Diabetes?

In the United States, diabetes is the fasting growing epidemic. Research shows that more than 11,000,00 million people have been diagnosed with this condition. They predict that another 6,000,000 people also suffer from this condition, but they do not know that they need to seek medical help.

The average yearly death rate for diabetes is 200,000, making it the 5th most lethal cause of death in the nation. What is diabetes? How can it be treated? Are there clear symptoms? Is there a diabetes cure? If there is no cure, can your prevent the condition and what sort of treatment is necessary to keep it under control?

To begin, you need to understand some facts about diabetes. What is it specifically? It is a metabolic disorder. When you consume food, your body breaks the food down into glucose which is then distributed into your blood. Glucose is a source of sugar, a source of energy necessary for the body to function. Our cells take the glucose from the blood stream and use it for energy and growth.

Insulin is what makes this transformation happen. Without insulin, or with too much insulin, your body’s system is unbalanced. This presents a problem. Insulin is a hormone that the pancreas produces. If too much glucose builds up in your blood, then your body is candidate for diabetes. There is no known diabetes cure, but it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle in which you do not have to worry about it.

There are 3 types of diabetes. Types 1 and 2 are the major ones, and type 3 is a gestational diabetes that usually goes away after pregnancy. Diabetes can be controlled by enticing your body to do what it is supposed to do. In order for this to happen, it is important to maintain a diabetic diet, exercise, and weight reduction. Type 1 diabetes requires insulin.

These do not offer a diabetes cure, but they do offer preventative medicine if you carefully watch what you eat and exercise daily. This is good health for anyone, whether they have diabetes or not. If you are overweight, you should be concentrating on weight reduction anyway in order to be healthy. Truly, these methods of treatment apply to much more than diabetes, but you may not practice them until you have a serious condition like this.

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When should you be concerned that you may have this condition, but are unaware? You may experience frequent urination, unquenchable thirst, headaches, excessive sweating, digestive problems, abrupt changes in appetite, blurred vision, fatigue, a sudden increase in weight, nausea when there seems to be no explanation, and constantly feeling faint or actually fainting.

Many of these symptoms can be related to other aspects of life, but if you are concerned you can get a diabetes screening test. While many claim there is no diabetes cure, others say the condition can be managed and even reversed. There is the possibility that you can get a handle on the condition by living a healthy lifestyle and never have need of oral medication.

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