Paleo Breakfast Chili diabetes

Paleo Breakfast Chili diabetesOne of the things I love about Paleois that you can make a lot of different meals with relatively few ingredients. That means that when I cook one dish, I can almost always use the leftovers for another. This keeps me from getting bored, and makes life a bit easier.

I’ve mentioned beforethat once of my favorite leftover ingredients is ground turkey with taco seasoning on it. We prefer ground turkey tacos over beef, because of the taste, but it also comes with the health benefits since it is such a lean meat.

This morning I was craving something a little spicy and tangy, and I wanted something hot that would fill me up. Chili is a go-to meal for me when I want something quick with lots of flavor, and you can often make it with whatever you have on hand, as long as you have some sort of tomatoes, meat, or beans (if you aren’t a purist), and some spices.

I had an extra can of fire roasted tomatoes leftover from another recipe I tried last week and some turkey taco meat leftover from last night. Add to that a few other simple ingredients and boom! You have my Paleo Breakfast Chili.

But what makes it abreakfastchili, you ask? The eggs, of course! I would also recommend trying this with bacon and/or sausage for a truly breakfasty feel.

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