Obese Teens and Gestational Diabetes Linked Diabetes

Obese Teens and Gestational Diabetes Linked DiabetesAccording to a new study, obese teens whose mothers had gestational diabetes are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes in their teens. The fact that they are obese adds to that risk.

The study, out of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, found that children aged 12, whose mothers had gestational diabetes had a 6 times higher chance of developing diabetes by the age of 15. At age 12 their glucose tolerance was completely normal.

Gestational Diabetes a Growing Problem

Gestational diabetes is a growing problem. What this means, at least in terms of this studys results, is that more and more children aged 12-15 will develop diabetes. These children were already at added risk due to obesity concerns.

So the question is what is the solution? There are many ways to attack the problems from a societal perspective. First, we can make women more aware of gestational diabetes, and its problems. If we do that before pregnancy develops, perhaps they can take measures to reduce their risk of developing the disease (eating healthy, avoiding carbs, and exercising are those steps).

On the flip side, the childhood obesity epidemic should be the other focus. This issomething we should focus on even without this new information about gestational diabetes. However, if your child has been exposed to gestational diabetes, it is even more important that you keep their weight down as they grow up. Exercise and healthy food are the best solutions.

Finally, something elsemoms who had gestational diabetes can do is make sure their children get a glucose tolerance test early on in life, and then every year after that. Catching pre-diabetes early will allow you and your child to reverse the problem before it develops.

In the end, its what weve always said: eating healthy and exercising is important if you want to avoid diabetes. No matter what stage of the problem youre at, instituting a healthy plan can not only save you from developing gestational diabetes, but could also save your childs life.

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