New Glucose Meter LabStyle Dario

New Glucose Meter LabStyle DarioNew Glucose Meter LabStyle Dario Helps You Keep Track of Your Health Stats

Technology is a great thing for all humans, but it can be especially helpful for those with health issues like diabetes. LabStyle Innovations, a software startup, has introduced Dario, which is a glucose meter with a smartphone app to go along with it.

Quantifying You

Basically the benefits of this type of app is that it allows you to see a history of your blood sugar readings. Youll be able to see atwhat times youve done the best, and what times youve done the worst. Dario is a little different from other diabetes glucose monitoring apps, in that it also helps you keep track of the food and drink you intake, as well as the exercise youre doing on a daily basis.

What this does is give you the big picture of your past performance and how it affects your blood sugar levels. This can be invaluable for you as you try to tailor your diet and activity around your disease. It can also be helpful for your doctor if something changes in your blood sugar levels, and you cant figure out a reason on your own.

If you dont want to buy the Dario glucose meter hardware, the app can be used with any monitor. Youll just have to enter all blood sugar level information manually.

Another cool feature of Dario is that it can be set up to alert someone else if the users blood sugar is low. This could be helpful if youre a parent who has a diabetic child. Give them the meter and the app on their phone, and set it up. If their blood sugar levels start to go out of whack, youll be notified via email or text message. It can also be set up to send email reports to doctors and healthprofessionals like dietitians.

There are many apps and meters out there like this nowadays. The future has arrived, and it wont be long before most high-end meters do this sort of thing. More data usually means better health, so you can be sure that doctors will start recommending this type of system in the near future.

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