MUST Know about Diabetes

MUST Know about DiabetesDiabetes is a complex disease that should not be taken  lightly due to the other health complications that it can cause. Diabetes  occurs when insulin is not properly delivering glucose to your cells in order  to produce energy and growth. This can be because of insulin resistance, which  is type 2 diabetes or because your body is not able to produce insulin, which  is type 1 diabetes. Patients with type 1 diabetes will need insulin injections  for the rest of their lives because their bodies no longer produce insulin.  Patients with type 2 diabetes are often treated with diet, exercise and  medications, but unfortunately a lot of these medications leave patients  feeling worse than their diabetes does.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Because type 2 diabetes is largely caused by diet and lifestyle,  its often possible to reverse it with the proper guidance and lifestyle  changes. First, its important to understand that the term reversing does not mean that you go back to your pre-diabetic way  of life. It will be necessary to make the proper changes to your diet and  nutrition as well as your fitness plan, and it will take determination and  commitment to make and adhere to these changes. Its important to understand  that this will be your new way of life if you want to successfully control your  type 2 diabetes.

The first step is finding the right practitioner to work  with. Practitioners like Dr. Sarah Scharf and her team at Flourish Integrative  Health located in San Anselmo, California specialize in helping patients with  diabetes naturally reverse their chronic degenerative disease. The team at  Flourish Integrative Health is prepared to help you determine exactly whats  causing your diabetes so that they can guide you through the necessary changes  to make in order for you to successfully manage, and in some cases, reverse  your diabetes for a lifetime.

Safe, Effective and Natural Care

The doctors at Flourish Integrative Health can work side by  side with your primary care provider to help you determine the cause of your  diabetes, guide you through your own customized recovery plan and set you up  for long-term success in controlling your diabetes. These providers insist on  results. Patients who work with them know at any given time how well theyre  doing and what they need to do to maintain their results. The practitioners  track patient benchmarks and expect results to change.

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Something that they wont do is tell you to stop taking  your medication, but when their patients take their tests into their primary care  provider, typically they have no choice but to lower medications based on the  detailed testing and progressive results.

Common Questions About Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

  • “My doctor just put me on  insulin for my type 2 diabetes, I’ve been told once this happens there is nothing  that can fix or reverse my diabetes, is this true?” Dr. Scharf says, “This is absolutely not  true. We regularly work with type 2  patients who are insulin dependent and their clinical ability to restore blood  sugar function matches that of a patient on oral medications. We are on a  mission to share with our diabetic community that they absolutely can take  their health back into their own hands and control whether or not this chronic  degenerative disease progresses or not.  We know that 90% of diabetics experience a significant complication in  their lifetime  those include stroke, heart disease, blindness, amputation, or  renal failure. If your health is your #1  priority in your life, we encourage you to reach out to a Functional Medicine  practitioner for a health consultation.”
  • “How can Type 2  Diabetes really be reversed?” Dr. Scharf says, “One of the biggest problems  we see in the diabetic community is that everyone is typically treated the  same. No matter how old or young you are, whether youre a male or female,  skinny or heavy, you receive the same drug therapy. What we know is that everyone becomes a  diabetic for very unique reasons. We go  about the business of finding out why you became a diabetic in the first place  through rigorous testing. Once we have that information, we create a very  bio-individualized care plan that is unique to you! No two diabetics are the same, why should  they be treated the same? This is one of  the key reasons our clinic is so successful in resolving Type 2 diabetes.”
  • “Can Type 2 Diabetes  be prevented?” Yes, even though this  is a degenerative chronic disease, it can be prevented with proper nutrition  and lifestyle. To resolve type 2 diabetes it takes a systematic approach  beginning with functional testing to discover the unique reason why you became  a diabetic in the first place. Every patient has a unique reason why they  became a diabetic and every patient should have a unique care plan to resolve  their type 2 diabetes.
  • “Why does diet and food play such  an important role in reversing diabetes?” Lets look at how diet affects your insulin levels. Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL)  The glycemic  index is a scale that measures the insulin response your body will have after  eating a certain food. The higher the number, the more insulin your pancreas  will secrete. GL is the amount of that food eaten.  An example of a food  that is high on both GI and GL is a large baked potato. Foods high in good fats and fiber help lower  GI numbers when eaten simultaneously. Processed foods and  fast foods are inflammatory. Inflammation causes insulin resistance.  Inflammation also increases cortisol levels and therefore further increases  blood sugar levels.  Its a vicious cycle. Also, most people are eating  food they are sensitive to every day, but they dont realize it. When a  person eats a food they are sensitive to, it will cause an immune and  inflammatory response, which causes insulin resistance. The food that  you eat has a profound impact on your insulin levels.  However, functional  testing needs to be conducted to determine which foods a diabetic should eat  because it differs for everyone.
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