More Facts About Diabetes

Facts About Diabetes

Facts About Diabetes

The facts about diabetes are that anyone can contract this disease, become extremely ill or submit to a holistic cure.

Peter Jaret, a health writer for national publications, reports in his article for AARP magazine, that 29.1 million people have diabetes that 1 in 4 Americans 65 years and older has it, and 86 million Americans are pre-diabetic. There are also a many people who are unaware of their condition. Although there are many reasons or ideas of how diabetes occurs in the body, there is no definitive formula to decide who will get it or who will not. If you have diabetes, it is not your fault!

Unlike what many may think, not everyone who is overweight will have diabetes. Although poor eating can contribute to the disease, there are many people who are overweight that do not have diabetes. Anyone can have this disease; therefore, it is important to be tested periodically.

It seems that the tragic effects of diabetes may not begin until the patient is over 50 years old and by then the immune system has less of a chance to fight disease’s erosion. When diabetes is contracted later in life it is called adult on-set diabetes which accounts for 90% of the cases diagnosed.

My husband was overweight and sometimes enjoyed the wrong kinds of food. Although he was overweight, he was otherwise healthy. When he was about 50, his vision became blurred, and he began to get headaches. He never seemed ill before that, not even a cold! Once his doctor established that he had type 2 diabetes, and he was put on medication, his health began to fail until he became a dialysis patient. He died 2 years after he started his dialysis treatments.

I have another friend who because she had diabetes always ate the right foods, took her insulin, exercised and as far as I knew had a positive attitude about life.

At around the age of 60, she had a heart problem, however, once it was corrected she functioned normally for about 20 years. Currently, she has had several amputations and need 24/7 care. I am sure that when she was younger and first realized that she had diabetes there was no possibility of curing her condition. However, now nutritionist are working more closely with doctors to discover holistic approaches to allow the body, meaning the pancreas in the case of diabetes, to heal naturally.

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There is another woman who is 53 years old. She belongs to an organization of which I am a member. She has had a part of her foot amputated and is afraid that eventually she will have to have her leg removed. Her mother who is in her 80s and has type 2 diabetes is doing well aside from a few heart concerns. This scenario is an example how differently this disease affects people.

Many people who suffer with type 2 diabetes can reverse their disease; however, they are unaware of the programs and systems available to them. Many of these programs, and systems are holistic and offer cures, management, and control of diabetes, which consist of following a healthy diet from food easily obtained in your area, safe aerobic exercises, and affirmations to support an attitude that is positive. They are used in conjunction with the prescribed medication the patient is currently taking and most doctors encourage this holistic approach to the management and cure diabetes.

Some people say that type2 diabetes cannot be cured. Through a holistic program, the body will naturally heal itself or become at least become healthier because the patient is eating food that has not been processed. Natural food will not hurt you because it contains no chemicals. I have seen results with the product that I offer and it works.

I have presented the facts about diabetes. You may not be interested in my product; however for your health and well-being, please allow yourself to research and find ways of curing or at least managing your diabetes to improve your health and well-being.

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