Milestones In Diabetes Research

Milestones In Diabetes ResearchI want to start this blog post off on a personal level. I want to start by saying what a year it has been for me and my good friend diabetes. Before I was diagnosed, I tried to not use medicine at all, it was my philosophy. I would not even take advil for a headache because I just did not want to do the medicine thing, I wanted everything to solve itself naturally. Well of course as you could imagine, my point of view definitely changed when I was diagnosed. I had gone from somebody that maybe had three prescriptions in his whole life to somebody that now has a huge list of them when I login to my Kroger account online. So I can say for the year my whole life has changed, and I cansee it for the better.

Milestones In Diabetes Research

Harvard Stem Cell Research

There have been some milestones discovered this year in the science of treating diabetes that gives myself hope and hopefully everybody else! This is a hormone that was discovered at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. This hormone is called betatrophin, which cause mice to produce insulin-secreting pancreatic beta cells at up to 30 times the normal rate. On top of this, they only produce insulin when the body calls for it, which could allow for some natural pancreatic function. I think this is great news! More can be found here on the Harvard Website.

Curing Diabetes in a DOG!

This was done at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain. Researchers completely cured the type one diabetes in a dog. This sounds like big news to me, if they did it to a dog how different could it be to cure it for one of us? It is the first time that the disease has been cured in a large animal and it only takes one session of minimally invasive therapy to cure. Isn’t that amazing? More can be found here!

Advances In Diagnosis

This study was just released yesterday! Basically, they have found out that1 in 3 Type One Diabetics still trickle a little bit of insulin out of their pancreas. Residual insulin production can last more than 4 decades after you develop type one diabetes. Why is this good? Well because it will help with the diagnosis of diabetics. My Uncle thought that he wasa type two diabetic for many years, and I recently got him to go to my Endocrinologist. Come to find out, his body still did produce just a little bit of insulin, but he has really been a type one diabetic all this time! This new news can help doctors avoid any misdiagnosis.

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No, not all of these are from this year, a couple are from last year. I wanted to include them anyways in this post to give people more hope. After all, my goal with this website is to give people more hope. It has been a great year in diabetes research, and hopefully the year 2015 will bring about more advances in curing the Type One Diabetes Disease.

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