Manage Your Diabetes for Life

Manage Your Diabetes for LifeWith Diabetecs, we normally eat something, than wait and test, right ?

What if you did not have to do this? fast forward to today, where we got more high-tech gadgets than ever. What is you could make those gadgets for less?What if your healthwatch could record and playback how your body acts and reacts to food, medicines, sleep , and exercise. All are needed for a healthy diet and lifestyle weather or not you have diabetes or not.

No more guessing, and no drugs to create nasty reactions to see how you adjust. We feel there are 30 plus things we need to monitor for a healthy lifestyle. Doctors then could make real adjustments versus guessing.

We are creating a system that will allow you to scan the food you want to buy and eat and build client diet based on nutrition, calories, fat, proteins and sugar needed and be able to check packages in real-time.

System then pulls data from health watch 24/7/365 and give real-time results. Also monitor your heart rate, rhythm, pulse, and oxygen levels.

Pre-order today, and help us meet our goals to get this project across the globe helping millions of people with diabetes, type one or type 2. The plan has separate parts we plan on developing as we meet our first goal with our software developers and coders world wide.

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