Healthy Foods for Diabetic Diet

Healthy Foods for Diabetic Diet

Healthy Foods for Diabetic Diet

If one is diagnosed of being diabetic, the doctor will have probably advised you to go see a professional dietician. A dietician is responsible to give you a list of healthy diabetic foods.

These diabetic diet programs follow the nutrition guidelines in the food pyramid and pay special attention to the carbohydrates and sugar intake of the diabetic. People that are diagnosed diabetic are required to eat small frequent meals in order to keep the glucose levels in their blood stabilized.

These healthy diabetic foods are responsible to give you the proper nutrition and diet without compromising your diabetes treatment program. There are a lot of things that are to be limited if not avoided when it comes to diabetic diets. The following is a list of healthy diabetic foods given by the American Diabetic Association that are required in order to keep blood sugar levels in check.

Diabetic people should eat more starch

o Diabetic people should eat more starchy vegetables, bread and cereal.
o Diabetic people should eat at least five fruits and vegetables each day. Eating a lot of foods rich in fiber is good for a diabetic. Soluble fiber that is found in fruits and vegetables are necessary in order to delay or slowdown the absorption of glucose in the intestine.
o A diabetic should keep sugar and sweet intake in moderation if cannot be avoided. Sweets necessarily should be avoided or moderated due to its high glucose content. If it cannot be avoided, take at least half of your favourites sweet rather than a whole snack.

Diabetic people should keep fat, sugar and carbohydrate intake in check:

The breakdown of food varies from the food you intake. Carbohydrates take around 3 hours to digest while protein takes 3 to 6 hours and fats take 8 hours more before it can be digested. That is the main reason why sugar or glucose compounds from the food we intake differ from each other. Normally a licensed dietician wouldn’t really suggest a diabetic to refrain from eating sweets but rather modulate it.

If a person is requested to stop from eating sweets there is a higher tendency that he would be eating sweets in a much higher number. Healthy diabetic foods are good for anyone who wishes to live a normal life. Everyone, even those with normal blood sugar levels, should try to practice healthy eating for it is the key to having a normal life.

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