Glucose Monitoring System Kit for dog

Glucose Monitoring System Kit for dogDiabetes is a serious condition and is a part of our daily life. I have watched my grandfather go through diabetes and have seen how daunting it can be if not treated alone. So obviously, when the vet told me that my dog Mary Ann has diabetes I went right into my serious and stern mode and got all the things I needed to take care of her. The AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit was one of our first buys, for $108.50 on Amazon, and I have been using it religiously to help out Mary Ann.

Upon receiving the glucose monitor in the mail, I went to the vet right away to get the follow-up information. He told us that although this monitor trumps others in accuracy, the manual would be difficult to work with, since the illustrations and figures are different for manual and monitor. However, he helped me set it up and taught me how to properly use it, and I was ready to do my job. If you dont have your vet to help set it up with you, its easy with the user guides and DVD included.

Also included, along with the AlphaTRAK meter, are lancets and Test Strips (50), both in quantities of 25. Its easy to purchase more lancets or test strips once they have run out. There is also a carrying case that is so nifty for us.

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