Gestational Diabetes Food List for Women

Gestational Diabetes Food List

Gestational Diabetes Food List

Gestational diabetes is a problem that about 5 to 7% of pregnant women experience during pregnancy. The blood sugar level rises to a level that is harmful to the body. The reason for this is some metabolism changes that the body goes through, in these months. It is true that while pregnant expecting mothers should stay fit, so that the baby develops efficiently inside the womb. To curb gestational diabetes women should take appropriate steps. Supremely, their food habits should be changed in order to maintain good health. If their blood glucose level rises very high, only then will doctors suggest medication. Otherwise, improvement in life style is sufficient to cure the problem.

Basic Problems During Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy, the nutritional needs of women increase, because it is through them that the baby is taking its nutrition. The growing baby takes vitamins and proteins. Thus glucose levels increase. If it increases to a very high level, then a few problems can occur. Hence it is advisable to maintain a proper diet, in which all the nutrients are present in optimum levels. This will help in maintaining the blood sugar level.

Methods to Curb this Disease

There are various methods to curb this disease.

  1. Exercise: Pregnant women should do soft exercises, like stretching and going for a half-hour walk on a regular basis. This will keep their metabolism active and hence the blood glucose level will be controlled.
  2. Meditation and Yoga: During pregnancy, irritation and mood swings are very prominent. Hence in order to keep one stress free and happy, meditation and Yoga can be excellent options. There are specific positions for pregnant women which make them feel light and stress free.

Most Efficient Method

The most efficient way of curbing the problem of Gestational Diabetes is to maintain a proper diet. One should visit the doctor and have a proper food list prepared by their dietician. Stick to that diet. Eat healthy and stay fit. Avoid eating too many oily and fatty foods, for these can prove to be dangerous for your health. It is true that during pregnancy women prefer spicy food but it should be kept in mind that the food items that can increase the chances of increased glucose level in the blood should be strictly avoided to keep glucose levels in control.

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Food List

There is a Gestational Diabetes food list that is prepared by many dieticians so that pregnant women can have a proper balanced diet. Eating regular and in sufficient amounts is very necessary for pregnant women. Whole wheat breads, rice, vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflowers, and bell peppers should be taken in, in order to have a good diet. These items are rich in carbohydrates and vitamins. They also have proper minerals that are needed by the body. These can be made in a variety of recipes. So experiment with these food items and prepare some healthy food for you to stay fit.

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