Fruits Not to Eat With Diabetes

Fruits Not to Eat With DiabetesDietary balance is essential for diabetics so they should know fruits not to eat with diabetes in order to maintain completely healthy lifestyles.

This is due to the fact that they have to keep track of sugar intake as well as sugar absorption in their bodies. The absorption rate can vary, depending on the food and the same is applicable to fruits.

There are fruits that are beneficial to a diabetic patient while there are others that are just as detrimental. A diabetic can consult a physician or dietician in order to find out what fruits they should and shout not eat.

Unhealthy Fruits

Even though fruits are supposed to be healthy, there are some that dont work for individuals who suffer from diabetes. The fruits that every diabetic should avoid consuming frequently include grapefruit, nectarines, oranges, plums, peaches and papayas. Moreover, strawberries, bananas and grapes are fruits that contain a lot of sugar so they should also be avoided by diabetics.


  • The problem with the aforementioned foods is that they all comprise of pulp, which has high sugar content.
  • When the system metabolizes the sugar contained in them, this will result in the increased production of the hormone insulin.
  • The blood glucose level will rise in the system because of this sudden spike in insulin.
  • The body will automatically react when the level of blood sugar reaches abnormal levels and this will trigger the defense mechanisms in the body that can signal it to start shutting down.
  • This is defined as a sugar attack because the diabetic becomes unconscious and dizzy.

Portion Control

Whether it is other food items or fruits, it is essential for diabetic individuals to practice portion control. Even with acceptable fruits, the insulin in the body will see a spike if they are eaten in large amounts such as apple. This is because the larger the portion of fruit is eaten, the more carbohydrates will be consumed by the body. Furthermore, there are some fruits that are digested quickly and their sugar is broken down such as pears and watermelon while other fruits like apples and cherries take time. Therefore, it is necessary for diabetes to watch the size and amount of fruit they are consuming on a daily basis.

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It is always recommended that diabetes eat fresh fruits rather than canned ones as the latter have high sugar levels, which is something to be avoided.

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