Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

There are numerous foods to avoid with diabetes or else the condition gets worse. It is a chronic one that has the ability of causing a wide array of health problems because it raises the blood sugar to abnormal levels.

Heart attacks, seizures, comas, amputation and death are some of the consequences that occur because of this problem. Apart from exercise and regular checkups, proper nutrition is also crucial for maintaining control of diabetes.

Knowing about the foods that should be avoided can help diabetics in keeping their blood sugar in control and reduce the risk of countless health problems.

The risk of stroke and heart disease in diabetic patients usually rise because they eat foods that are high in saturated fats, trans fats and sodium. Therefore, smart dietary choices should be made by diabetics.

Fattening cuts of beef and fried foods should also be avoided. Pork in any form is not considered healthy for heart health. Other troublesome food items include cookies, ice cream, potato chips, cakes and prepackaged foods that contain lots of preservatives, fat and sodium. Fast foods are also a bad choice for diabetics and they shouldnt be consumed on a frequent basis as they are high in the fats that have to be avoided.

Fried foods like hot dogs, French fries, double hamburgers and chili are also a definite no-no. Even Chinese food should be avoided because thats also high in sodium, fat and is usually deep fried. Vegetables and fruits should be consumed as frequently and regularly as possible.

When attempting to cut back on unhealthy foods, cooking oils can prove to be a minefield. Coconut oil, shortening, lard and palm oil can clog arteries and blood vessels so they shouldnt be consumed at all. There is a high concentration of fat in these oils, which isnt beneficial for diabetic patients.

Full-fat dairy products also go on the avoiding list. Either zero or low fat form of products such as cheeses, ice cream and whole milk should be consumed.

Diabetic patients will suffer from adverse effects if they eat sour cream, cream cheese, margarine and butter. It is best for them to eat low caloric foods rather than the ones that are laden with empty calories.

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The skin of the chicken should also be removed when eating. As far as sugary foods are concerned, they arent prohibited, but shouldnt be taken regularly as they can boost the blood sugar level drastically.

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