Diabetic Snacks

Diabetic Snacks

Diabetic Snacks

We are a nation of snack addicts when it boils down to it. Years of grabbing on the go, reduced lunch breaks at work and clever advertising have altered our view on snacks and their worth. If you are dealing with diabetes then having diabetic snacks is vital.

Snacks are a very dangerous area for diabetics. The ones we are used to eating are usually packed to the roof with sugar, carbohydrates and lots of fat and salt. Even if you didn’t have diabetes snacks are mostly extremely unhealthy. So what is the best way to deal with this then?

Of course you should have a diabetes meal plan under your belt anyway and this will provide general guidance on what to avoid if you have diabetic snacks at all. So for all you diabetics with a sweet tooth chocolate in any quantity is off the menu. Your white bread and flour favorites like pancakes, muffins and bagels are not an option. They are packed with carbohydrates salt and fat. The blood sugar level rush from these is a danger to be aware of.

What will surprise many is the need to be aware of your fruit as well. Most people would thing that any piece of fruit would be a natural when looking for diabetic snacks, but you would be wrong. We all think of fruit as a healthy part of any diet. But where diabetes snacks are concerned it is an area to be wary of. Nearly all fruits have natural sugars in them to make them taste nice. It is part of nature’s plan to get animals to eat them and spread the seeds around. Now even diabetics need some sugar and carbohydrates, but it is controlling the level that is essential. Get to know the Glycolic Index stats and implications for your fruits and pick the lower level ones. If you pre-weigh out your portions it is a quick grab in the morning before work and your have a tasty desert after your lunch.

The real thing here is that with diabetes snacks meals and drinks follow exactly the same basic principles. Keep the carbohydrates manageable and in control and manage the other dietary consequences alongside. So we are talking about limiting fat and salt as well and making sure vitamins and minerals are accounted for. Avoiding fats is not easy with snacks, but it is possible. Replacing with low fat or non-fat fiber rich foods is one of the best diebetes snack food strategies. This will give you taste and nutrition.

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To round off, here are some easy ideas for good diabetes snack ideas:

  • Cheese strings (Low fat)
  • Fresh fruit pots – apple, bananas, peaches, etc (Measured into single serving quantities for convenience and control)
  • Peanuts (Known weight)
  • Pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Blueberries

If you have diabetes snacks do not have to be a pain. The key to this is planning. For easy to grab diabetes snacks, weigh out you portions so you know what carbs, fat, salt, and fiber are in it. Use simple stick on labels on the pots. Do your research next time you are shopping and note down good and bad so you know what to buy later. If you do have diabetes snacks do not have to be lost altogether, just managed.

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