Diabetic men have a greater risk for heart disease than diabetic women?

Female Diabetics Fare Worse Than MenIf you answered False, you are correct!

Researchers at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada have found that Type 2 diabetic women were less likely than men to achieve their treatment goals of lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol).

This research showed that women didnt do as well as men in sticking with their cholesterol lowering medications. They said this might be due to side effects of the medications such as muscle pain that affect women more than men.

A June 24, 2014 Press Release stated, Women with diabetes have a considerably higher rate of cardiovascular-related illness and death than men with diabetes. This pattern is likely related to poorer control of cardiovascular risk factors.

Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death among diabetics (American Heart Association).

This research may lead to a gender based course of treatment for diabetes rather than one size fits all.

Diabetics should strive to lower LDL cholesterol and take part of an exercise/activity that will be beneficial to the heart. Ask your doctor for guidance on how much you can safely do.

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