Diabetic Diet

Diabetic DietA diabetic diet is like – well remember when your mother told you to eat your vegetables and stop drinking the soda pop, you should listen. Essentially your body does not process the energy from food properly, you can read that here in what is diabetes. So you can’t really just put anything in your body cause it might just make the situation more uncomfortable or even make it worse on your part – heat disease stroke DEATH!!!!!!!! No seriously – so here are basic good guidelines as how to handle choosing the correct foods so you can live better and even maybe you can find foods you like and just didn’t know.

As a reminder this is a website for only the most amazing recipes that are diabetic friendly you can find that under Diabetic Recipes.

Diabetic diet.

Its always an excellent plan to make a meal plan for your intake so you know exactly what and how much of it is going into your body, but for most just choosing the right food opposed to the wrong ones. The items go as follow and for humor I will put my two cents.

  • Food that should be included in your diabetic diet are as follow:
  • Fruits – the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away ” heed it cause apples are super foods.
  • Whole grains – Aways avoid the white bread its processed and not good at all and doesn’t make a decent french toast.
  • Vegetables – You saw this one coming but the worse part is that of all broccoli is the best for nearly everything another superfood.
  • Lean Meats – always look at the label of any meat you buy. Usually it will tell you how lean it is with a ration of 100. So like most turkey is 98/2 meaning 2 percent of it is fat and the other 98 percent is lean meat. Ohh and ground turkey is a great replacement for beef and even chicken.
  • Beans – ohhh the glory food of all in my opinion. Delicious nutritious and in variations. But gas. butt gas. <- not editing that out.
  • Poultry – Chicken !!!!!!!!!!! Well skinless of course but still its a step up in the department.
  • Fish – Another alright superfood but to be exact salmon with a high concentration of nutritions its no wonder why they are able to keep bears alive. Quick tip! Farm raised or origin because the mass produced ones have a big lack in the natural found nutritions.
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In ll there is no perfect food but there are those that are excellent choice and ones that are not. In all remember to pick non processed foods that are rich in:

  • Vitamins and Minerals and FIBER!!! OHH sweet fiber.

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