Diabetic Breakfast Ideas

Diabetic Breakfast Ideas

Diabetic Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is our most important meal of the day. I was taught that by my parents many years ago and it still holds true today. It is your bodily kick start to propel you into the day. For those of you with diabetes breakfast is vital. By having a controlled and balanced breakfast, you can set yourself right first thing. It is easy to run out of diabetic breakfast ideas and end up falling off the wagon due to boredom.

For sufferers of diabetes, whether type 1 or 2, getting the balance of your diet right is essential. But it is not as difficult as you would imagine. What works as a good healthy diet for non-diabetics pretty much works for you as well, with some clarification.

When you are looking for diabetic breakfast ideas you need to follow a few rules. What you are looking to do is avoid high glycemic foods that could spike your blood sugar. Of course you should also be seeking to include low or non fat alternatives as well. Weight control is a common problem for diabetics.

So avoid high carbohydrate foods that release their sugar fast. Breads and dough based products are particularly poor for diabetes sugar levels and should be given a wide berth. Where bread is concerned ditch white and go for whole grain toasted with a low fat spread. You should note that we have to include yoghurt here. Full fat yoghurt is packed with carbs. This comes from the sugars in the milk and is often missed in a diabetes breakfast plan. Choosing a very low fat dairy alternative is much better when looking for diabetic breakfast ideas as these are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like sucrose or aspartame.

Carb counting is essential. Look out for anything that might have been made with white flour along with our well known cereals. If you instead look at wholemeal or grain alternatives, not only do you reduce your carbohydrate intake massively, but also increase you fiber. Low glycemic-high fiber diets have been shown in studies to reduce sugar levels significantly. So oatmeal, wheat bran and fresh fruit are tasty and great foods to include in a diabetes breakfast menu.

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Alongside the carbs in diabetes breakfast can also be a danger area for fats. Fried bacon, tomatoes, bread, and eggs all although avoiding the glycemic danger will pose a health danger in themselves. The health problems associated with overweight and obesity are well documented. When managing diabetes breakfast foods like these should be avoided. But you can still fill in with healthy alternatives.

Of course foods like bacon and ham also provide a punch of protein. You need these even if you have diabetes. You of course don’t have to get them from meat, dairy products and eggs having a high level of proteins as well, as most vegetarians know. You can eat these as long as you avoid the full fat versions. Soft low fat cheeses, poached eggs, low fat yoghurts and omelettes taste great and fill you up well. I fact eggs should be counted as one of your best friends.

When living with diabetes breakfast does not have to be a bland affair, but still has to be thought about.  As long as you know the pitfalls and the danger foods then you will enter a new taste area and be able to use your imagination to get the most out of this meal, simply and easily. One thing that we have done is spend a hour or so on a Sunday afternoon looking for diabetic breakfast ideas for the whole week.

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    July 20, 2017 at 11:57 pm

    To get more breakfast ideas and make sure you are eating the right portion sizes and types of foods, work with a registered dietitian or certified diabetes educator.

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