The Diabetes Food Pyramid

The Diabetes Food Pyramid

The Diabetes Food Pyramid

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. Your pancreas produces the much needed hormone, insulin. Diabetes develops when your body begins to produce too much insulin or no insulin. There are 3 types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and type 3. Type 3 only concerns pregnant woman and it is when they develop gestational diabetes which will usually disappear when the pregnancy ends.

The difference between type 1 and type 2 is one requires insulin and one does not. All 3 types can benefit from the same treatments which mostly embraces the healthy lifestyle concept. This is something any average person with or without diabetes would want. It’s a goal we should all set; to be healthy in mind and body. Diabetics should follow the diabetes food pyramid coupled with daily exercise.

The diabetes food pyramid is put out by the American Diabetes Association, also known as the ADA. The pyramid is made up of 6 food groups; 1. grains and starches, 2. vegetables, 3. fruit, 4. milk and dairy, 5. meat and meat substitutes, and 6. fats, sweets, and alcohol. Each section is portrayed in different sizes; the largest group being the grains, beans, and starchy vegetables and the smallest group being the most obvious, fats, sweets, and alcohol.

Serving sizes vary also by calorie intake which depends on what your diabetic goals are. You also need to take into account your nutrition requirements, the lifestyle you lead, and of course, the foods you enjoy eating. The diabetes food pyramid strays from the USDA food guide pyramid. This is because each pyramid groups the foods differently.

The diabetes food pyramid groups food according to their carbohydrate and protein content rather than their classification as a food. This is because those with diabetes have to watch how much they consume of these types of food. Portion sizes are also different on the diabetes food pyramid because the point is to have about the same carbohydrate content in each serving.

Each group is very well described as well as clear on the recommended range of servings. The importance of a good diet goes behind those with diabetes and those who follow the diabetes food pyramid. Anyone wanting to be in optimal health, experiencing complete wellness has to take care of their body. Eating right is just one part of this.

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Another big part of being healthy is exercising as recommended 3 to 5 times a week for 30 minutes each time. This is not a recommendation for only those with diabetes, but those with the condition will positively benefit from it. Diabetes can be controlled and in some cases, it can even be reversed if proper care is taken.

Eating right and exercising is just a portion of living a completely healthy lifestyle. Do not surround yourself with negativity, pollution, or clutter. Choose to live with everything in your life working together in harmony just as you want your pancreas, blood stream,  and cells to work together within your body to produce, distribute, and use insulin correctly.

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