Diabetes and ED (Erectile dysfunction)

Diabetes and ED (Erectile dysfunction)

Diabetes and ED (Erectile dysfunction)

Of the many complications of diabetes, one of the most feared by men is a risk of impotence. Sugar levels are not controlled, directly or indirectly, can cause Mr.P can not stand.

Impotence occurs due to diabetes patients with neurological disorders. This disorder causes diminished Mr.P sensitivity, as well as impaired blood vessels that allow blood to flow to the organ is obstructed. For erection, of course, needed adequate blood flow.

However, not all patients with diabetes experience impotence due to diabetes directly. Partly because of depression due to the disease and psychologically affect sexual desire and self-confidence.

“If indeed he was depressed, had to be assisted to the consulting psychiatrist so he can accept the situation, confident again, so it could better sexual function,”said Dr. Ward Agastja Wisjnu, SpPD, FINASIM.

Risk of impotence in diabetic patients is quite alarming. According to Dr. Tri Edi July Tarin, SpPD from Cipto Mangunkusumo, 30-40 percent of men with diabetes will experience disruption over time that make Mr.P can not stand this.

“Impotence is dependent on the duration of diabetes, the longer the greater the chances,” said Dr. TJ, as he is usually called.

Conversely, not all cases of impotence caused by diabetes. Health practitioners, dr. Ari Fahrial, SpPD, FINASIM said there should be blood sugar tests to ascertain the cause of impotence.

“If he continues impotent can high blood sugar because of diabetes,”he said.

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