Diabetes Diet Menu

Diabetes Diet Menu

Diabetes Diet Menu

When you find out you have diabetes, the first thing to stumble upon is the stage of shock. It is really stressing and time consuming in deciding what to cook, what to eat and what to do in order to cope up with the disease. A diabetes diet menu will help a lot in order to help a diabetic person moderate his blood glucose level. According to different resources, proper diabetic diet could lead to the regularization of the sugar level of a diabetic individual.

According to the prediction of the National Diabetic Association in the year of 2009, there will be 285 million who will be infected with diabetes and the statistics shown last 2010 serves as a confirmation to the calculation.

You cannot really go wrong if you just set up a diabetes meal plan yourself with the help of diabetic food guide from different dependable sources and getting into the habit of following it every meal of the day. An effective and efficient Diabetes diet menu includes planning your meals, eating the right variety of foods, limiting your salt intake, thorough understanding of every food labels, avoiding saturated fats and eating fiber rich foods. Let us discuss more about effective diabetes diet meal planning.

Planning Your Meals

Making sure that your dietician knows the proper variety of foods you will have to take for every meal. Food choice is very crucial for a diabetic person which is why it is advisable to stick to a diabetes diet meal on a regular basis.

Eating a Variety of Foods

It is very essential to include in your meals high – fiber rich foods, vegetables, whole grains and different fruits. A plateful of different – colored foods will get you stick with the food groups right.

Limiting Your Salt

Salty foods can affect your blood pressure. A diabetic diet doesn’t include snack foods. Replacing salt with other spices can be an alternative.

Reading Food Labels

It is important not to be deceived with “no – fat” labels, you have to always check the nutrition benefits so you really know what you are eating.

Saturated Fats – Avoid them

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Butter, cheese and fatty meats can boost high cholesterol level. Although there are some alternatives it is still advisable to limit this kind of food intake. Perfect alternatives are fish oils and other oils made from plants.

Fiber Diet

Wheat breads, vegetables and other fiber supplements will help manage your blood glucose level.

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