Can Diabetes Be Effectively Cured?

Can Diabetes Be Effectively Cured?

Can Diabetes Be Effectively Cured?

Diabetes mellitus, known more simply as diabetes, includes a set of diseases in which the body cannot regulate the sugar (glucose) in the blood stream. A healthy person relies on glucose to travel to the body’s cells and organs to produce fuel to burn and supply the energy needed for the activities of daily living. Insulin is created by the pancreas to send the glucose off to the liver, fat cells, and muscles for these very purposes.

When the glucose refuses to leave the blood stream because the cells have become resistant, more and more glucose is needed. Finally, as in Type II diabetes, the beta cells which produce insulin wear out because of the extremely high demand. In Type I diabetes, an autoimmune system disease prevents the beta cells from doing their job causing a similar shortage of insulin.

Looking for a cure for diabetes involves finding away to have the right amount of insulin interacting with the right amount of glucose for maximum efficiency. Because over 17 million Americans currently have this disease and the United States is seeing 1 million new cases each year, finding a cure for diabetes is very important, especially considering the fact that over 200,000 people will die this year alone from diabetes-related illnesses.

From a financial aspect, health care costs will escalate as more and more long term cases are discovered. As with any such situation, the Internet is virtually flooded with hawkers selling their miracle cures to desperate people. Both the FDA and the FTC have issued strong warnings to fraudulent claims made by some of these sites.

Other recently proposed cures include mini-bypass surgery, more severe weight-loss surgery, alkalizing your body, stem cell treatment, natural medications, and a host of other “miracle treatments”. To this date, there appears to be no such thing as a cure for diabetes. However, changing your diet and losing excess weight seems to be a given approach to managing both types.

Since being overweight puts extra strain on insulin production and makes fat cells more resistant, it seems logical that losing weight would give your body a real boost in being able to maintain its proper insulin-glucose ratios. Part of this treatment package also involves regular exercise, which goes hand in hand with weight loss.

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In addition, a drug called Metformin has been prescribed as an oral medication that slows your insulin production and lowers your blood sugar. While the American Diabetes Association recommends a heart healthy diet, because that is the most common form of death caused by diabetes, recently, an older approach from the Depression Years is getting a second look.

Instead of the whole grain diet, this program insists on a low-carb, high-fat diet. This proposed cure for diabetes severely limits the carbs so that the insulin will not have to work so hard on so much converted glucose. Duke University restudied this approach in 2003 and reported high rates of success. While this was the accepted form of treatment prior to the 40s, it fell out of usage when insulin was discovered and promoted. It remains to be seen if it will be revisited by those looking for a cure for diabetes today.

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