Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter and Test Kit

Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter and Test Kit

Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter and Test Kit

It is vital to find the perfect blood sugar meter for any diabetic patients as a slight fluctuation in the blood sugar may lead to emergency situations. It is quite a challenge to get the right glucose meter as there are many types available. By using a glucose meter, one can check his blood-sugar level in many times and can be free from being worried. As they are tiny features, the patient can carry it with them any place. Bayer Contour glucose meter is very popular among diabetic patients and have been used for long. It is quite easy to use and include many of the attractive features. It can suit the lifestyle of any patient as it is compact and sleek and come in various colors. Moreover, Bayer Contour does not have any complicated features like bells and whistles, which are often found in some other glucose meters.

Advantages of Bayer contour glucose meter

One advantage of Bayer Contour is that because of its tiny size, it can be used in discreet without attracting attention of others. You can use it almost anywhere. To know how to use it, it is just so simple; you require extracting a small amount of your blood equal to 6ml and getting the results within 5 seconds. You do not need to understand any coding as it has no such features. Bayer Contour has great reputation worldwide for its easy functions and accuracy. An attracting feature is its flexibility in terms of testing sites. It offers testing facility for people having tired or sore finger tips. It reflects in the accuracy of results which is absent in some other glucose meters. It has 480 test memories and will track data more than seven days. Bayer Contour is extremely useful for diabetic people who have hectic schedules. Also, it offers a low cost test strips which can be affordable for everyone.

Diabetes management software offered by Bayer

Bayer Contour glucose meter have several other facilities attached. It offers diabetes management software called GLUCOFACTS DELUXE software which is an added advantage for patients. Through this software, the patient can talk to the health professionals and can have better guidance about test results. It is very easy to view, and you can easily share your reports to any such medical professionals and discuss with them about improved methods of diabetes management. You can save your reports with just a single click and can print it out. Moreover, it includes other facilities such as seven day high / low test results, and 480 day tests memory. A facility is that the patient can download test results to track blood-sugar levels for longer time. Bayer Contour can be used in home without any help from others.

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Heart risk management facility

In addition, Bayer Contour has heart risk assessment facility as diabetic people have greater chances of developing heart diseases and any defects in the blood vessels. It has facilities to know regarding your cholesterol and blood pressure level, which is a wonderful innovation. Bayer Contour will guide you regarding your lifestyle in order to avoid any heart complications. It is a great innovating from the world-renowned Bayer Company. Any diabetic patients should always carry a glucose meter with complete features like Bayer Contour.

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