Simple Ways To Cut Calories and Carbs

Simple Ways To Cut Calories and CarbsYou’ve recently been to the doctor and he told you that you are a pre-diabetic or a diabetic. Now what? You know you need to cut carbs and eat better but how do you give up the foods you are used to eating just like that? Junk food can be an addiction, as can sugar and carbohydrates. Yes, you can literally be a sugar addict.
So what are some simple ways to cut the calories and carbs from your daily meals?

I’m going to list some of my favorite substitutes and tricks here for you, and please I’d LOVE to hear more, so please comment below with your favorite substitutions.

Pasta#1 Pasta.

What can we do when we are used to heaping piles of spaghetti or pasta salad? There are a few things a Diabetic can do to cut the carbs but still enjoy this. First, I really feel you should just GIVE up on regular white pasta, you’re body doesn’t need it. If you really can’t give it up try the brand called Dreamfields, it doesn’t raise my blood sugars so if I have a family event I always volunteer to bring the pasta salad, and make it with this pasta, no one even realizes they are eating healthier pasta, hehehe, at least not until now.

But there are other substitutions that are even better for you. Spaghetti squash is a fabulous substitute. You cut it in half, cover in plastic wrap and microwave for about 7 minutes, when it comes out, you use a fork to get the squash out of the rind and it forks off in strings, like spaghetti noodle, hence the name. I’ve also done this with zucchini, and in fact the zucchini can even be left raw, it’s so thin that you can’t tell it isn’t cooked. But you use a cheese grater and simply grate the zucchini!

There are also Shiratake noodles such as found at Miracle Noodles are also a good substitute, they even carry a carb free Rice!!!! Cool Beans, minus the carbs!

Rolls Breads#2 Rolls/Breads

Giving up bread can be a scary thought. You doesn’t love bread, especially with the spaghetti mentioned above? Truth is, eating carbs with a side of carbs is NOT good for you, and after a lifetime of eating it, we wonder why we are overweight and diabetics. I’d love to get a warm loaf of Italian bread, cut off a huge slice, smear it with loads of butter and eat it in pure heaven. But I don’t. Why give in to the temptation? If I eat a little I’ll want more.

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But there are so many ways in which we have bread, on sandwiches, toast, hot dogs, hamburgers etc. How can we give up those classic American foods we are so used to having. Yes, their are low carb versions out there, sandwich thins, whole grain bread, whole wheat, but in many cases the whole wheat breads are just as carb filled. The sandwich thins are a good substitute, but it’s just not the same right? You miss a regular white bread bun with your burger. And you don’t want to just put the burger on your plate with a fork and knife.

Here’s what I do. I either wrap the sandwich meat or burger either in large lettuce leaves OR a gouge the bread. I will take one of those regular white bread simple buns we love and rip as much of the inside white bread as possible. By the time I’m done, that 100 or so calorie and 25 or so carb bun is probably about 25 calories and 5 carbs. It’s a thin shell, and you know what, it TASTES THE SAME, in fact, it tastes BETTER because now I taste the meat, the veggies and whatever other unhealthy thing like cheese or bacon I splurged on. So I enjoy that burger even more!

And while on the subject, I’ll do the same with Tortillas. Flour Tortillas are empty calories and carbs, just ditch them. If you want a taco, and in my house I make them once a week (tonight is Chicken Taco night), my tacos will be on lettuce leaves OR I’ll have up to 3 of the soft corn tortillas. I get the Mission brand, put them in a pan with some cooking spray and OMG they are good. Those 3 corn tortillas have about 20 total carbs! YUMMY!

#3 is Coming Soon.

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